Automotive Leaf Spring Market Set to Experience Phenomenal Growth from 2019 to 2024

Stratview Research announces the launch of a market research report on the Automotive Leaf Spring Market. The report studies the market at the global, regional, and country-level, and provides an in-depth market study, competitive landscapes, emerging trends, key success factors, and strategic growth opportunities, etc.

Market Segmentation

The Automotive Leaf Spring Market report compiled by experts at Stratview Research have segmented the market into the following –

  • By Vehicle Type(Passenger Car, Light-Duty Commercial Vehicle, Medium- & Heavy-Duty Vehicle, and Others)
  • By Spring Type(Parabolic Leaf Spring and Multi-Leaf Spring)
  • By Material Type(Metal Leaf Springs and Composite Leaf Springs)
  • By Location Type(Front Suspension and Rear Suspension)
  • By Manufacturing Process Type(Shot Peening, HP-RTM, and Others)
  • By End-User Type(OE and Aftermarket)
  • By Region(North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World)

Market Insights

According to the report, the Automotive Leaf Spring Market is set to reach an estimated value of US$ 5.8 billion in 2024. A leaf spring is a spring comprising leaves and is commonly used for suspension in the wheeled vehicles. It is a semi-elliptical arm consisting of one or more leaves which are strips of steel or other materials that are meant to flex under pressure yet maintain their original shape when not under pressure. Leaf springs are one of the oldest suspension components and are still being used in most of the LCVs and MHCVs. There is another type of spring called coil spring, which has a widespread usage in passenger cars.

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Features included in the report –

Key Product Launches

Stratview Research keeps track of all major product launches over the last few years. It also analyzes existing market players to determine how well they are aligned with customer expectations. Both primary interview results and available authentic secondary data sources are used to identify critical client requirements.

Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, etc.

Experts at Stratview Research have tracked key strategic alliances and M&A in the market which are implemented with the purpose to strengthen product portfolio, broaden terrestrial reach, grow the customer base, enhance product development and technical capabilities, etc.

Key Players

The market research study considers all the major players spread across the world. Some of the key players mentioned in the Automotive Leaf Spring Market report are as follows-

The key automotive OEMs are-

  • Daimler
  • Navistar
  • GM
  • Volvo
  • MAN
  • Tata Motors
  • Peterbilt
  • Toyota.

The key leaf spring manufacturers are-

  • Rassini
  • Hendrickson
  • Jamna Auto Industries
  • Dongfeng Motors
  • IFC Composite

Report Customization Options

With this detailed report, Stratview Research also offers one of the following (complementary) customization options to our respectable clients:

  • Company Profiling –Detailed profiling of additional market players (up to three players)
  • Competitive Benchmarking – Benchmarking of key players on the following parameters: Product portfolio, geographical reach, regional presence, and strategic alliances.

Custom Research: Stratview Research offers custom research services across the sectors. In case of any custom research requirement or any further query related to the report, please send your inquiries to [email protected]. You may also connect with our experts at  +1-313-307-4176.


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