DENR releases new directives on issuance of permits

Legazpi City (2 September) -- The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has recently issed Memorandum Order No. 2010-07 now authorizing the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) director and regional director, the provincial governor and city mayor of an independent city to issue Mineral Ore Export Permit or MOEP.

The Memorandum, signed by the then DENR Secretary Horacio C. Ramos, has authorized the MGB director to issue MOEP to first time applicants, with the succeeding issuances going under the authority of the MGB regional director.

The authority of the MGB regional director to issue MOEP covers only those minerals or ores sourced from areas covered by all types of mining contracts and or permits issued by the DENR, its attached agencies and corporate arms and those to be exported by mineral or ore traders accredited by the MGB.

In the case of provincial governor and city mayor, the issuance of MOEP are limited to minerals or ores, excluding tailings, sourced from areas covered by Small-Scale Mining Permit, Small-Scale Mining Contract, Quarry Permit, Sand and Gravel Permit, or other permits that are expressly granted by the Mining Law, the Small-Scale Mining Law and other Decrees or Mining Orders, subject to the maximum production limit of 50,000 tons per year and submission of the MOEP to the MGB regional director for review and confirmation.

The directive also requires an applicant to file the application within 60 days before the actual date of shipment and if the application, together with the required documents, is found in order, the MOEP will be issued within 48 hours from receipt.

The order was issued to eradicate misdeclaration and undervaluation in the exportation of mineral ore and to improve collection of taxes. (DENR-MGB V/PIA)