SkinWhite celebrates being better with #betterme

The SkinWhite Here’s To Being Better campaign, represented by the hashtag #BetterMe, launched last October 1 on print ads, in stores and on web. But as early as Saturday, #BetterMe has been going around the internet and has inspired people to share the memes, use them as profile photos and wallpapers and share their own #BetterMe stories.

This campaign, created by Publicis JimenezBasic with the help of Republika Worldwide, celebrates being better and inspires people to never stop getting better. A quote from their Facebook page says, “You may not notice it all the time but every single day, you become better. It can be about getting better at exams or about finding joys in the littlest things. It can be about creating your own sunshine on rainy days or about taking risks that take your breath away. Perhaps it’s about embracing the flaws that make you perfect. Or maybe, it’s about taking that first step even if it means taking a million more. We all get better everyday and it doesn’t matter how big or how small. Here’s to being better from SkinWhite.”

This is also a celebration of how SkinWhite has become better than ever with its improved formulation. Brand Manager Ida Cua says, “We launched this campaign because we wanted to make the new and improved benefits of our skinwhite classic lotion spf10 to be more relevant and relatable. SkinWhite wants to take this opportunity to celebrate even the littlest victories of being better because we know how this can impact one's everyday life. Like SkinWhhite, we want to be a step closer to being our best selves whenever we can.”

The brand is also set to launch a series of activations to expand the #BetterMe campaign, says Pam Sulit, AVP for Marketing. This will be going around schools and will offer career talks, movie marathons, spa treatments, personality development and other activities that inspire teens to never stop getting better.