Online sensations rock it out in this week’s #LIKE

Submitted by Vox Bikol on Thu, 09/22/2016 - 18:20

It will be another intense showdown between two internet sensations as “Cebu’s Videoke King” and “Pasig City’s Lola Rakista” face off this Saturday (September 24) in #LIKE with hosts Tom Rodriguez and Balang.

Many netizens were rendered speechless when they saw the video of Roland “Bunot” Abante singing “To Love Somebody” as if it was the original singer Michael Bolton singing himself. Because of his talent, Roland got invited to variety shows, even landing a duet with some of the OPM icons.

Meanwhile, Lola Fe Garcia became famous after she won in a mall’s videoke singing contest. Those who saw her performance could not believe that the person behind the powerful voice belting Aegis’ “Halik” was a 65-year-old woman. From then on, Lola Fe joined various talent competitions and earned the moniker, “Lola Rakista ng Pasig”.

On this week’s episode of #LIKE, singer-comedienne Ethel Booba joins Cebu’s Videoke King and Pasig City’s Lola Rakista. To keep the fiery match under control, Tom and Balang asked the help of the more than 600 members of the National Fire and Training Institute’s Dancing Firemen. They will be in a grand production number.

Who between Bunot and Lola Fe will earn the nod of the Taumbayan Likers?

Join Tom Rodriguez and Balang in this solid rock showdown of Pinoy viral superstars. Watch #LIKETagisan ng Internet Sensations this Saturday after Eat Bulaga! as part of GMA 7’s Sabado 4D Win block.