Motorcycle Diaries celebrates 5th anniversary with month-long Spain expedition

Submitted by Vox Bikol on Tue, 04/05/2016 - 01:33

Motorcycle Diaries turns five this year and for the whole month of April, Peabody Awardee Jay Taruc will take viewers to a special expedition to explore a country that has great influence on our history, tradition, and culture—Spain.

Beginning April 7 (Thursday), Jay will ride his motorcycle to Madrid, San Sebastian, and Barcelona to visit some of the age-old yet grand structures in Spain. He will sample the country’s food, discover its culture, and get to know some of the Filipinos living here.

Madrid is known for its rich art collection and since Jay is an art lover, he won’t miss the opportunity to go to the world’s largest art convention: the Arco Madrid. Here he will see that some of the artworks on display are made by renowned Filipino artist Manuel Ocampo.

Bullfighting is not just a sport but also a form of art in Spain. Jay will go to a bull ranch where he will be taught how to become a bullfighter.

Motorcycle Diaries will also indulge in a food trip in San Sebastian, considered the “culinary capital of Europe” where many Michelin restaurants can be found.

Jay will also visit some of the famous tourist attractions such as the Sagrada Familia—popular not just as a favorite worship place but also for its intricate designs that reflect the work of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi.

These and more stories await viewers on this four-part Spain Expedition of New York Festivals World Bronze Medalist Motorcycle Diaries, Thursday, after State of the Nation with Jessica Soho on GMA News TV.