Drew and Iya rediscover Hong Kong in Biyahe ni Drew

Submitted by Vox Bikol on Fri, 01/08/2016 - 12:08

For its opening salvo for 2016, Biyahe ni Drew takes its viewers to one of Asia’s famous tourist destinations—Hong Kong. The trip is extra special as Drew Arellano is accompanied by wife Iya Villana-Arellano in rediscovering the Fragrant Harbor.

Known as a haven for shopaholics and vacation place for families, Hong Kong has other adventures to offer and the Kapuso couple is more than willing to explore them.

Drew and Iya first visit Lost in Hong Kong—an interactive simulation room where players need to get all the clues to solve the given mystery and get out of the room within 45 minutes. The couple’s brain cells are put to work as they engage themselves in various problem-solving exercises.

Challenging themselves further, the couple tries to make a canvas out of ceramics to create personalized souvenirs in Loveramics. But their stamina for gastronomic adventures will be tested when they go to Se Wong Ip, a restaurant that specializes on snake soup. Snake soup is popular among Hongkongers as the perfect food for the cold weather.

And what is a trip to HK without dropping by Disneyland? Here Drew checks out Toy Story Land, Buzz Light Year Adventure, and Mystic Manor. But the highlight of this Disneyland adventure is meeting the Disneyland Musical performers who turn out to be Filipinos—definitely one of those #proudtobePinoy moments.

Join Drew and Iya Arellano on this fun-filled trip tonight in Biyahe ni Drew, 8 p.m., on GMA News TV.