Raids in Masbate town yield shotgun, ammo, shabu

LEGAZPI CITY, Oct. 20 (PNA) -– Simultaneous implementation of five search warrants resulted in the arrest of two persons and seizure of a home-made shotgun, ammunition, drug and drug paraphernalia at Balud town in Masbate on Sunday, a police report released on Tuesday said.

Caught in the raids were Rodolfo G. Bulacan Jr., barangay secretary, and Diego A. Villaruel, a fisherman for violation of RA 9165 and RA 10591.

Lary B. Arollado, Michael Villaruel and Rudy Tizon eluded apprehension.

The Balud Municipal Police Station members first swooped down on the residence of Bulacan, No. 3 in the drug watchlist, in Barangay Pajo at about 5:30 a.m. by virtue of Search Warrant No. 2015-83 and confiscated one round can of Kankunis Herb Tea containing one improvised burner, one improvised water pipe, one improvised burner pan, one disposable lighter, two improvised tooters, one pair of scissors, one improvised tube, one small plastic sachet, one piece of used aluminum foil cut into strips, and several cuts of crumpled aluminum foil.

At about 6 a.m., the law enforcers search the residential house occupied by Villaruel in Barangay Danao by virtue of Search Warrant No: 2015-82, resulting in the confiscation of one home-made shotgun, one live ammunition of caliber .22, one live ammunition of caliber .38, 20 pieces of blasting cup, one live ammunition of 12-gauge shotgun, three live ammunition of caliber .38, eight knot-tied plastic containing ammonium nitrate; and one black bag.

A search on the residence of Arollado at about 8:30 a.m. at Barangay Pulanduta, resulted in the confiscation of four small heat-sealed plastic sachets containing suspected shabu, one medium size open plastic sachet, one empty plastic sachet containing shabu residue, one empty plastic bundle, one zip lock plastic containing improvised totter, one aluminum lighter, one steel small hammer, four cellphones and PHP3,000 cash in different denominations believed to be proceeds of illegal drug trade. The suspect was not present during the operation; so, the search and seizure operation was conducted in the presence of Arollado’s immediate family members and barangay officials.

Results were negative on the search at the residences of Villaruel and Tizon.

The search and seizure operation was done in accordance with law and in an orderly manner in the presence of the suspects and witnessed by village officials and media representatives. (PNA) FFC/FGS/EMC/CBD